Moderated Re: Managing the cognitive load of listening

Mike Pietruk

That's a great list you make; all of what you raise makes the use of the
program itself faster and easier to use -- and many of the points you
raise sadly get overlooked.

Personally, I don't find the use of a screen reader fatiguing.
And the vast majority of what I've learned about any screen reader has
been by trial and error;

No 2 people use JAWS in the same way and for the same purposes. The
fatigue, if that's what we're gonna call it, comes when one gets
overwhelmed by the program and gets afraid to try things as they fear
making irrepairable and unforgiving erros.
Backing their ENU directory allows one that comfort level to return to a
previous use time should their tryings are errors.
Perhaps if one finds the use of a screen reader tiring, it may also be to
the voice or voices they use requiring too much comprehension.
If I would start thinking that the use of JAWS is fatiguing, my first
inclination would be to consider the voices I am using
as demanding too much of my attention.

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