Moderated Re: Managing the cognitive load of listening

Mike Pietruk


it sounds as if, with all those dictionaries, you spend as much time doing
that as actually using JAWS.
If I were new at this -- I've been using screen readers for nearly 4
decades -- reading your msg would make run, not walk away, from JAWS.
Why, someone might ask? If I have to do all that to get a program to work
for me, I think I might be better off with something simpler.

When getting into Windows and away from the Apple IIe in the 1990s, I
chose Window-Eyes as I was scared away by the seemingly complex JAWS
Frankly, I was mistaken as I later discovered when Window-Eyes was bought
out, but the straightforwardness of installing WE had a newby to Windows
far more comfortable.

One can do massive amounts of customizing in Jaws -- as was in Window-Eyes
-- but the beauty of JAWS also is that it can work quite well in its basic
What I suggest to the original questioner is don't overthink this.
First, learn the program and then figure out if you really have to do a
lot of changes.
And keep copies of your ENU directory so you can easily revert to another
JFW set up if your playing around messes things up.

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