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I have been considering purchasing an XBox. I have heard that besides games, that they also can be used as a streaming player. Does anyone know anything about that?

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On 9/16/2022 9:32 PM, Nermin via wrote:
you can also get Android TV's, or Google TV, as the newer models are called.
Models running Android include TCL, Samsui, Philips, Sony, and I think some later Hisense offerings.
The way to enable accessibility on most models is by either pressing and holding down the mute button on the remote, or sometimes the back and menu buttons together, or by pressing and holding the volume up and down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
Some TCL devices run a proprietary operating system, and they have an accessibility option on US-Based systems. I don't know anything about other languages.
I think their system on some TV's is called VIDAA.
Sony are quite expensive, but they have good speakers included in their TV sets.
What makes most TV's expensive is their screen technology and size. So if you only want accessibility and are not going to have a lot of sighted visitors who will benefit from a larger screen size and hence a better viewing experience, just look for smaller TV's.
Also, depending on the screen technology in use, you have to consider the size of the room the TV will be set up in. This is owing to the fact that the viewing angle may or may not play a part.
Due to the way flatscreens are built, smaller TV's will often have thin and slightly tinny sound, so be prepared to either hook up a stereo or bluetooth speaker for a better sound experience, or better yet for a sound bar that will act as a modern external speaker.
Panasonic also have accessibility built into their TV's, but they ron a proprietary system.
Some people say that third-party apps are not that accessible on their devices. However, if you do not care for that and only want to watch TV using an antenna, cable or DVBT signal, then that may be your choice.
Just throwing this out there for completeness sake and for people to be able to look for alternatives.
Most models will have built-in connectors for satellite dishes, cable, and DVBT.
Samsung also have accessibility in their TV's, and if you're looking for apps, they are also a good choice.
LG is also known for a lot of apps on their TV's, and they also have accessibility on board.
Finally, you can find a lot of samples of different voices on Youtube. Just use accessibility TV plus the brand you're interested in.
Samsung call their accessibility option "Voice Guide", Amazon TV has "Voice View".
Not sure what the others call it on their systems. Try voice guide or guidance or similar.
There will be a lot of results on how to turn the feture off.
Hope that was helpful.
Happy watching,

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