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I'm interested to know why you'd need the Apple TV if the Fire TV sounds pretty accessible?


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I personally got a 43 inch FireTV by Amazon. The actual picture is not the best but useable I am led to believe. But For accessibility, it has been quite good in the Amazon supported apps and the major streaming apps. It gets trickier with the free and less known apps. I have connected an antenna for air-the-over channels and that works fairly well too. The switching to other inputs is accessible and depending on hardware the auto detect features work. I have an Apple TV 4k gen 1, accessible Blu-ray player and eARC soundbar. With all that, I can use the Fire TV remote for much of the operation of the components (Apple and Blu-ray included).

This has been my most accessible set up to date. The Apple TV was the most expensive part for me. 😊


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Subject: OT, Accessible TV Recommendations

Hi All,
We are looking for an accessible smart TV.
Perhaps smart TVs might be all we can get new any more.
Wal-mart has a lot, some Philips and Roku TVs.
I'm reluctant to get a Roku, because I have a Roku stick device that is similar to the Firestick, but the TTS is terrible, and I would not want to deal with that deplorable voice in the TV menus.
But I want to be able to access the TV menus and set up input options, like scanning the antenna and selecting HDMI lines too.
Can anyone make any suggestions?



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