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If I could find the right adapter, I would do to a firestick what I did with
my Roku stick.
I have a HDMI to VGA adapter, it's about the same size as the Roku stick,
and I can plug in a little speaker and have a TV in my pocket.
The Firesticks have a male HDMI port, so I need an adapter with a female
end, or an gender bender for the HDMI to VGA adapter I already have.

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From my experience, the insignia TVs that have fire TV included are not
worth the money. They seem to have slow processors and fire TV is slow and
unreliable. You are better off getting a fire cube or fire TV stick and
connect it to a TV.

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On Sep 16, 2022, at 1:54 PM, Glenn / Lenny <glenn@...> wrote:

I wonder if folks can post the steps for invoking accessibility on their
I want to be prepared to try that at the store if we don't get a fire TV.

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Vizeo? quite accessible!

Curtis Delzer
Rialto, CA

On 9/15/2022 6:07 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Hi All,
We are looking for an accessible smart TV.
Perhaps smart TVs might be all we can get new any more.
Wal-mart has a lot, some Philips and Roku TVs.
I'm reluctant to get a Roku, because I have a Roku stick device that is
similar to
the Firestick, but the TTS is terrible, and I would not want to deal with
that deplorable voice in the TV menus.
But I want to be able to access the TV menus and set up input options,
scanning the antenna and selecting HDMI lines too.
Can anyone make any suggestions?



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