Re: Using OCR in Jaws 13?

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

uh, press PAGEDown or whatever you need to press to advance to the next page, and perform OCR again. repeat as necessary.

Convenient OCR is no substitute for an actual OCR application. It's a quick solution for times when you may not be able to access information, such as a pesky installation screen or short PDF document. It's not meant for book reading.

For that you'll want one of the blindness specific OCR packages like K1000 or Openbook, or an off-the-shelf OCR application like Omnipage, FineReader, etc.

At 02:45 AM 5/22/2012, you wrote:

When using OCR in Jaws 13 and Windows XP, I often have a document with multiple pages. How can I get Jaws to read me the subsequent pages, after page one?


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