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David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Yes, but if you,
First alt+v=view,
Down arrow once,
You will find them all,
Yes, you can also use the tab key.

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Hi David,
just to point out that in general, using right arrow to move through the
controls on a tab isn't a good idea. It works for these particular cases,
but in general the controls on a tab can include groups of controls that are
laid out as either columns or rows. When this is the case, then moving
through the controls using right arrow misses out some of the controls. In
contrast, tabbing through them aways goes through all of the controls. In
fact on the view tab, if you right arrow, you won't be able to find all of
the controls on that tab.
original message:
Try the following; Note; These instructions assume that you don't have >the
jaws ribbon feature turned on. >>Yu need to: >Go into the view menu, >Set
the; >Message list drop down; >So, >Alt+v=view, >Down arrow once, >Right
arrow until you hear; >Message list drop down, >Press enter. >Now tab and
select, one line view press enter. >>Next, >Alt+v=view, >Down arrow once,
right arrow until you hear; Reading pane drop down >press enter. >Now tab to
off, press enter. >>Next, >Alt+v=view, >Down arrow once, >Right arrow until
you hear; >Calendar pane, >If it says, >Calendar pane pressed, >Press enter
this turns off the calendar pane. >By the way, there are key strokes to do
this, however, I thought it >best for folks to learn how to navigate the

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