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Curtis Chong


It was my understanding that left/right is not the issue but rather that JAWS is coming through earbuds and speaker. I might suggest checking the JAWS sound settings under Utilities, Sound Card.


Curtis Chong

On Aug 26, 2022, at 10:24 AM, Albert Cutolo <Albertc51@...> wrote:

Hi Kevin, 


Have you tried doing the following?  The next time that your in a zoom call, try the following.  Hit the insert space, then hit the v key, and after you  do that, hit the  B key for balance.  Now,  you should hit either the right arrow or left arrow, which should switch between the left or right ear.    


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I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, Jaws2022 and Zoom. When I go into Zoom I get the message about splitting Jaws and the speaker. Prior to the most recent version of Jaws2022, I have no problem with Just me hearing Jaws through an ear bud and the other people on the Zoom call coming through the speakers. Now Jaws and people talking on the zoom call play through the speaker and Jaws is also spoken in the ear bud.

Is there a way to only have Jaws come through the ear bud and those on the Zoom call through the speaker and not hearing Jaws?





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