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Ashleigh Piccinino

This is jaws plus windows plus C.. Jaws will say, quote a pendant to clipboard.... Quote to check what you have on your clipboard but still remain in your application press jaws plus windows plus X.....

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One thing you can do is load task manager with shift-control-escape and then end the task and that will close the program.  Hope that helps.

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Hi Brian. You are absolutely correct, I confused myself.

First...I was trying to say that I had gone into the settings to see if the Meet me  for Cortana was shut off and it was. But now it is still showing up all the time, meaning Cortana. I have tried turning off computer, restarting, but it is still there. Hope this clears that up.
Sorry to go to another question right after that about the clipboard but I was carrying on...sorry but thanks for input.

Morey Worthington

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