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Adrian Spratt


I notice that no one has replied to your query, so I'll chime in with my recollection of how to handle this situation. For the record, I find there's rarely any useful information available via these "hover" (known more formally as "mouseover") controls, but sometimes there can be. Note that I can't test what I'm about to write because I don't have any mouseover items in front of me.

So, keep focus at the spot where JAWS has alerted you to hover. Press control-JAWS key-numpad enter, all three at the same time.
JAWS will announce that a change has been made at a certain line number.
Press j followed by that number. JAWS will read the change.
To return to your original location, press shift-j.

I hope this is accurate and, if so, that it helps.

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Hello group:

I frequently encounter these announcements when perusing a website, but don't know how to enable the "hover/mouse over" features.  Can these be accomplished via the keyboard, and if yes, what is the process.


David S. Pearson

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