Moderated Off Topic: Extremely Slow Download Speed Using Pontes Media Downloader

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


I realize this is probably off topic for this list, so please reply to me directly at:




I have tried to download and save the following YouTube video review of the  NLS E-reader using Pontes Media Downloader, and am experiencing extremely slow download speeds.



These very slow download speeds occur when I try to save the original video, when I try saving the video in an MP4 video format, and when I save it as an MP3 audio only file.


I’d like to save this video for future reference, so it is available when I hopefully receive my nLS E-reader in a few months.



I’m currently using Pontes Media Downloader version 2.5041.


I typically don’t experience such slow download speeds, so I don’t think the issue is with my internet service provider.


I wonder if others are having a similar issue with Pontes Media Downloader??


Thanks for any help.


Dr.  Tom Behler From Michigan



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