moderated jaws and goldwave where jaws reports where the markers were before I moved them and not where they land

mike mcglashon

Hi guys:


I am using goldwave to edit mp3 files.

When I move the start and finish markers around,

Jaws is telling me where they left from, not what their positions are when they land.


If my start marker is set at the beginning of the file,

The start marker will be at 0.000 seconds.

If I ove the marker with shift+right arrow, it should say 0.100 seconds as I move by one tenth of a second;

Instead jaws says 0.000 seconds, (the place it was before I moved the marker.

It is like Jaws needs to wait to tell me where the markers are only after the markers settle down.


I hope this makes sense to you all.


Jaws professional edition;

Version 2022.2207.25 ILM 

Goldwave 6.65

Goldwave 5 and 6 scripts are loaded.


Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

Email: Michael.mcglashon@...

Ph: 618 783 9331


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