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Sandra Streeter

Apparently, there is a way to set up the log-off, but the reliability is inconsistent, even if you set it up; also, the setup is not easy. If you're bolder and more motivated than I am, though, here's a link to some chatter about it--though, I wasn't able to convert to a hyperlink, so you'll have to copy/paste it into your browser:

Add Log On, Log Off and Shut down sounds to Windows 11

Also, from what I've heard on other lists for blind folks, the sound doesn't indicate that the computer is actually shutting down--you could still end up only partly shut down, for instance, if, for some reason, Windows wouldn't let you close out due to another program not shutting down first; and if, for some reason, JAWS isn't cooperating and you don't hear about that, the only clue you'd get is that the back fan is still whirring. . I have heard of some people using a small USB fan as a sound cue to when a computer actually is completely shut down, which, to me, would be a much more reliable indicator. Finally--and this only works in a quiet room and/or if you don't have a hearing issue--you will hear the fan in the back of the computer stop whirring, when the computer is shut down totally. HTH!


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here is the step to enable ot startup sound. click on start. in the searchbox type control panel & click on sounds. Under this click on the sounds tab & check the box to play startup sound. I am sorry, I amnot really aware as to how to enable ot log off sound.

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Friends, greetings.

I was using the classic sounds on the windows ten device and after
upgrading to the windows 11, I noticed that the logon and logoff
events are missing on the program events on the settings panel.

Can some1 please help me to enable the logon sounds?

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