moderated Cannot read JAWS update windows

Karl Proud


So after getting an update message I am unable to get the update installed. First of all, after dealing with the UAC, the list of updates shows no option to highlight. However, knowing that something is there I can press space and even though no detail of the chosen update is spoken and install button can be pressed. When the Jaws install window opens you would expect the self-voicing install prompts to begin but unfortunately not. Even though I have Jaws running at the time I cannot access any controls on the window and therefore cannot proceed. Turning Jaws off and switching to Narrator doesn’t give me access to the window either. On the odd occasion turning off Jaws has brought the self-voicing window to life, but not lately.

I have had this experience on more than one machine running Windows 10.


Has anyone else had this experience and more importantly been able to fix it without just having to install a fresh copy each time there is an update.


Regards to you all,



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